• MoST-1 Modular Tunnel Shooting Range
  • A personalized individual shooting range and a perfect facility for gunsmiths and gun stores.
  • A fully contained facility with a low impact on the surrounding environment and equipped with a bullet trap, a HVAC system, an optional target carrier system, and programmable lamps (with strobe mode and selectable light colours).
  • Deployable indoors or as a standalone outdoor facility (if provided with sufficient thermal insulation and noise barriers).
  • Meets regulatory safety requirements for shooting ranges and related environmental protection.
  • Bulk or solid-block bullet trap, as ordered.
  • Supports firing live ammunition with the bullet energy level up to 3600 J or higher (on special request).
  • Supports the following firearm types:
  • pneumatic weapons, 4.5 mm (metal shot)
  • rimfire pistols and rifles, e.g. 5.6 mm
  • rimless pistols and revolvers, e.g. 7.62 mm, 9.65 mm, 11.43 mm
  • smoothbore shotguns, e.g. 12 gauge
  • rifles and carbines, e.g. 7.62 mm NATO (not supported: armour-piercing, tracer and incendiary rounds)
  • A single shooting stand.
  • 5 to 200 m fire line length (within the shooting tunnel).
  • Full projectile containment at accidental discharge in any direction within 360°.