• can be used as training facility for uniformed services and as commercial facility;
  • is fully covered shooting range;
  • has 25m shooting line;
  • has two shooting stalls;
  • is equipped with tactical lighting system, target retrieval system and CCTV;
  • is equipped with granular bullet trap;
  • provides possibility of using ammunition of 3600 J maximum initial energy of the bullet, including weapons listed below:
  • pneumatic weapons, 4.5 mm (shot),
  • rimfire pistols and rifles, e.g. 5.6 mm,
  • centerfire pistols and rifles, e.g. 7.62 mm, 9.65 mm, 11.43 mm,
  • smoothbore shotguns, e.g. 12 gauge,
  • rifles and carbines, e.g. 7.62 mm NATO (not supported: armour-piercing, tracer and incendiary rounds);
  • allows trainings from fixed or moving firing lines;
  • consists of four modules than can be placed on a flat surface in any location;
  • peak power – 42 kW;
  • guarantees the highest air quality due to perfect ventilation system.