• two shooting stalls,
  • a fully enclosed facility equipped with bullet trap, tactical lighting system, target retrieval system, monitoring and air conditioning and filtration system;
  • external walls with heat and sound insulation;
  • constructed of 45ft HC container modules that can be placed on a flat surface in any location;
  • available sizes of container shooting ranges:
  1. MoST-2/2 with up to 15 m lanes (two modules);
  2. MoST-2/3 with up to 25 m lanes (three modules);
  • allows training from fixed and changeable firing positions;
  • low operating costs thanks to the indestructible granular bullet trap;
  • live firing of ammunition of maximum energy of 3600 J;
  • supports the following firearm types:
  • pneumatic weapons, calibre 4.5 mm (pellet),
  • rimfire pistols and rifles, e.g. 5.6 mm,
  • central fire pistols and rifles, e.g. 7.62 mm; .38; .45 ACP,
  • smooth bore shotgun, up to 12 gauge,
  • carbines and rifles, e.g. 7.62 mm NATO (excluding armour-piercing, tracer and incendiary ammunition);
  • provides absolute, 360° safety from bullets escaping from the range, including accidental discharges;
  • guarantees the highest air quality thanks to 99.9% efficiency laminar-flow filtration systems;
  • ensures environmental protection from combustion dust (no dust emission to the environment);
  • ensures low noise emission.